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"Imagination is everything!
It is the preview of life's coming attractions."  

        - Albert Einstein

"The visualization process is your purpose in life. The universe will match
it with the physical equivalent."

    -  Abraham-Hicks

To define magic is probably impossible, but the experience of magic is undeniable.

When imagination combines with intention to create an uplifted reality, there is magic!

I hope you will enjoy the magical quality of my paintings.

My art is intended to uplift and inspire the viewer with
of veiled realities beyond our physical senses. 

Bernadette Wulf
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Shamanic Power Animal
Totem Portraits

Shamanic power animal portraits - order here
Who Are YOUR Power Animals?

Have you met your shamanic animal guides,
power animals, or the totem animal of your clan yet?

Would you love to have a personalized, shamanic
oil painting to honor your animal guides?

- I will take a Shamanic Journey to find your
own personal animal guide
(or guides), or your
clan power animal.

- If you already know your power animal or animals, you can simply describe them
to me in an email.
- I will then paint your own original 12" x 16" oil painting on canvas and share any
messages I receive from your animal guides.
Bernadette Wulf - Visionary Artist
I am Bernadette Wulf - intuitive shamanic practitioner and visionary artist. I would love to seek out your personal power animal or animals for you, and represent them in a beautiful, original oil painting. This painting will act as a powerful talisman to assist you in developing a stronger connection with your inner animal guides.

"Bernadette does such incredible customized paintings. The light and power she brings down through her visions jumps off the canvas."
- Dailey

Personal power animals painting - order herePower animals:

      - Offer protection
      - Act as guides
      - Bring messages
      - Answer questions
      - Provide healing
      - Assist in healing others
      - Act as teachers of deep spiritual truths

Note: Some power animals prefer to remain hidden and I will always ask and respect their wishes, but other animal guides love to be represented in the form of paintings, figurines, necklaces, or other visual reminders. If your all of power animals prefer not to be represented, I will immediately refund your payment.

What better way to honor your power animals

 than having their portraits featured in your home or office?

Why do I Paint Power Animal Talismans?

WulfWorks art suppliesSince early childhood I have had a deep connection with the animal kingdom and my own animal guides, and I have always loved to draw and paint animals. I can also intuitively see the power animals of others.

Because I know how comforting and helpful these invisible animal guides can be, I love helping others get in touch with their own power animals. I do this best through painting.

How Does It Work?

After you place your order, I will journey through the shamanic "otherworlds" to find your personal power animal or animals and create a unique  painting in oil on 12" x 16" canvas.

(Other sizes can also be ordered - just email Bernadette Wulf.)
I will also give you any messages I get from your power animals or spirit guides.

Shamanic power animal paintings
You can request "animals only" in the painting, or a combination of animals with a stylized image of yourself (I will need a photo of you for reference).

Order your personal animal totem painting

Your personal shamanic oil painting will be shipped to you rolled in a tube and ready for framing in a standard sized
12" x 16" frame.

FREE shipping and handling in the U.S.
Email Bernadette Wulf for shipping rates outside the U.S.
or call 707-824-0675

Order a powerful shamanic talisman
of your personal totem or power animals
painted by Bernadette Wulf.

ONLY $330!  - Original Oil Painting on Canvas
Created Uniquely for You 

Free shipping and handling in the U.S.
Email Bernadette Wulf for shipping rates outside the U.S.
or call 707-824-0675

Sell Art Online

Originals and Limited Editions available by special order.
E-mail: Bernadette Wulf
 -  or phone 707-824-0675

WulfWorks Copyright 1989-2009

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