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Songs for the Earth - by Bernadette Wulf

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folk music for mother earthSound carries intention ~ My intention for "Walking on Sacred Ground" is for the healing of the relationship between humans and nature. When I sing, I call in the faery folk, angels, and dragons who carry the energies of Earth. I ask my ego-self to step aside so that healing can flow through the music. It is rewarding to know that when I perform there is often someone in the audience who is profoundly touched.

People continually report that they feel uplifting energy in "Walking on Sacred Ground." Young children especially seem to enjoy it. May this CD serve as a channel of peace, hope, joy, and love to all who listen.

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 All Songs Copyright © 2003 Bernadette Wulf

  (except Goddess chant harmony in song # 3 - anonymous)
  Vocals, guitar, and percussion by Bernadette Wulf
  (except as indicated, by Rex Golston – RhythmsForLife.com)

  1. Walking on Sacred Ground
  2. Trees Grow Tall  (Drum, Rex Golston)
  3. Remember the Goddess
  4. Alleluia Song  (Rainstick, Rex Golston)
  5. Spirit of the Mountain
  6. Reflections on a Tree  (Rainstick, Rex Golston)
  7. Farewell To the Mountains  (Percussion, Rex Golston)
  8. Song of the Rock People  (Rattle, Rex Golston)
  9. The Circle of Life
  10. Sing Back the Swallows (Tambourine, Rex Golston)
  11. All One World
  12. It All Depends on You
  13. Golden Eyes
  14. Two White Doves
  15. It’s There I Want to Make My Home

 Produced and distributed by WulfWorks www.WulfWorks.net

 Cover art ~ “Brigit’s Mantle” by Bernadette Wulf

About Bernadette Wulf

I love writing songs! It’s one of my favorite things to do. I’m delighted to be able to share some of them with you through this, my first CD. I am also a visionary artist and writer, and I do emotional clearing work using muscle testing and EFT. I like to spend as much time in nature as possible!

Visit my Visionary Art Gallery at www.WulfWorks.net for uplifting visionary art paintings on canvas, prints and cards, as well as my novel, House of Mirrors, and poetry. My website FairySource.com is dedicated to the nature spirits and HealItAll.com describes my healing work.

Earth Healing Music

Dedicated to the Elves and Fairies Who Keep Our World Green!

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