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Brigit's Mantle - Irish Creation Myth
Bernadette Wulf visionary artist
About the Artist

Our Visions
     are the Seeds
          of our Future

Visionary magical artist Bernadette Wulf
       My work is about connections ~
Connections between humans and nature.
Between Earth and Spirit.
Between ourselves and our Source. 
It is all ONE, but we often forget. In forgetting we tend to feel cut off from the meaning of life. I hope that my paintings, songs, and books will remind you of your own connections.

Visionary Art -

I've wanted to be an artist since I was very young, and I've been drawing and painting most of my life. Even more, I wanted to understand the essence of life; to step out of the left-brain logical limitations of our modern world, into the wider, more ancient "Otherworlds." In this timeless, right-brain reality I could commune freely with angels, elves, fairies, animals, plants, and my own spirit.

More than anywhere else, I've found clues and connections to this wider world in the Irish Celtic tradition. There, the memories of the faerie folk, the Shining Ones of the underworld,
have been kept alive through the ages while the rest of the world slowly forgot. My interest in the Otherworlds comes through in painting, songs, and writing. One woman even told me she could see fairies in the room when I was singing at a coffee shop!

I am also a Law of Attraction Life Coach and EFT therapist practicing healing arts and energy work, and I am 
fascinated with Celtic magic, faery lore, law of attraction, and environmental stewardship, as you will see when you visit my other websites -

HealItAll.com - FairySource.com - Celtic MysterySchool.com -

Just for Fun -
Here's a profile of my personality type, the "Healer Idealist," or iNFp, from the Jungian Psychology Myers-Briggs Typology test.
(There's a link at the bottom of this section to Humanmetrics.com, where you can take the same test and find out your own personality type. It's an easy and  interesting way to help understand yourself and others.)

The Portrait of the Healer Idealist (iNFp) "Healer Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in striving for their ends, and informative and introverted in their interpersonal relations. Healers present a seemingly tranquil, and noticeably pleasant face to the world, and though to all appearances they might seem reserved, and even shy, on the inside they are anything but reserved, having a capacity for caring not always found in other types. They care deeply - indeed, passionately - about a few special persons or a favorite cause, and their fervent aim is to bring peace and integrity to their loved ones and the world... Healers are found in only 1 percent of the general  population..."
Humanmetrics.com ~ What's your type?
Bernadette WulfOnline personality type test based on Jungian Meyers-Briggs typology.

Photograph by
Benjamin Aronoff

Bernadette Wulf -

Visionary Artist, Law-of-Attraction Coach, Health & Nutrition Coach, EFT Therapist, Naturopath, Reiki master, novelist, singer/songwriter, and mother of two grown children.

My Lazure mural paintings have graced the walls of many homes, classrooms, and businesses. I also teach Lazure Painting (veil painting for walls) to groups and individuals by special arrangement.

I make my home in Sonoma County California, surrounded by ocean beaches, towering redwoods, and wide vineyard vistas.

Being a mom and grandmother is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I continue to enjoy watching my amazing kids follow their own dreams and aspirations.

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Bernadette at Faery FallsBernadette Wulf also offers:

Alternative weddings ~ Non-denominational Weddings

~ Occasional Workshops on:
  • Reiki & Jin Shin Jyutsu
  • Emotional Healing with muscle response testing (applied kinesiology/MRT) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • Nature Spirit Communication
  • Money Magic! - Healing Money Issues
  • StageMasters Performing Arts
  • Law of Attraction

 Bernadette at Faery Falls, Mt. Shasta     
                        Summer Solstice 2004 - Photo by Judy Lochrie

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