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Visionary PoetryPoems by Bernadette Wulf
  © Copyright 2003

The dark eye is filled with light
Sparkles linger in the night
Grasping for the stars gives way
To waking dreams of better days
Wrap the world in arms of care
Knowing we may find that there
Are ways to love and ways to meet
Ourselves in everything we see

When sounds burst forth
From fingertips
And symphonies well up and out of hearts
So freely
And the long lost days turn in upon themselves
With memories
Poignant and pure

We listen
Awakening to new depths
And birth ourselves in rhythm with the tides
Out of sync and floundering
We gasp for air
Knowing well that bliss remains
So near
Our blanket of existence
Fuzzy against faces
Wrapping us even as we sleep

My burden is my gift
Awkward chaffing in its press
To burst full formed
Into a sky too dark to see
Regurgitated from an ancient space
Designed to lift the human race
Expanding me
The vessel of it's choice
No more to speak
To cry with my own voice
My gift
Is my burden
Take it now
Release me from this solemn vow
And tease the laughter from my tears
To know my dreams throughout the years
This one
Is all that I can give
The gift of life
Empowered to live

Layer upon layer
Not what we seem to be
Onions and packages wrapped up in tissue
With bows and paper skins

Is this loneliness
Or just a passing glimpse
Of a world out of balance
Complete with yarns?

Vacant dreams drift like snowflakes
Across fields of longing
All within a heart
Mysteries so vast that none can know them
Cry out to be unveiled

Touch my hand this once
This moment enshrined
In a hollow that never can be filled

Sweet laughter
Allows me to believe
You and I were always touching

Crystallized in knowing all the answers
Movement jars like an ancient hinge
Of a door long locked
Forced open

There are casualties in every war
And in every peace
Pains that must be borne
Soft like feathers tickling
Sharp like the edge of a knife

Warm like an embrace
Memories of love
Lying in an empty bed
Without answers

In the fullness of time
In the fullness of youth
Marble veins cross rusty walls worn by centuries
But what is it that stirs like fire in my soul?
Facing death with brave silence
And awe too big to hold
Grieve not!
There are treasures here yet to be unearthed
Wrapping tentacles of longing through my being
Slinking like a black shadow in the dark
Dark recesses of being

You are the master of time
Oh death
And yet your careless wandering
Seems not to bother you with choices
We are all your own

Within your black velvet folds
We find a pearl
A shimmering orb of iridescent color
And call it heaven

Pure and simple
Clutches at the heart
Imagined knowledge of events and motives
Yet undreamed
The Beloved has drifted beyond time
And the walls of my protection
Cut me off from my own soul
Where is truth?
Only echoes
Resound in the canyons of the mind
One instant holds the key
To bliss

Fragment of a life
Hold it in your hands
Know the vastness within I-solation
A cloud gathering raindrops
Invisible to the eye

Expand knowing until the mind explodes
And then what?

One footprint
Contains a multitude of universes
That we can't even see

Poetry is not a product of the mind
But a blood wrung from hearts rejoicing or in pain
A dew of sorts that settles on a page
When silence cools the raging of the day
Reflecting Earth and Sky
Shimmering as sunlight in the rain
Evaporating into mist again

All poems by Bernadette Wulf © Copyright 2003

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