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Soul Portraits

soul portrait - copyright Bernadette WulfSoul Portraits

Original Paintings on Canvas in Acrylic or Oil

A Soul Portrait is a painting of your unique soul energy – a spiritual tool that will raise your consciousness every time you view it.

Uplift your Home or Office with Your Own Personal Soul Portrait!
by Visionary Artist Bernadette Wulf

What does your soul want you to know about the wonder of YOU?

Your personal Soul Portrait will be created specifically for you, based on the vibration of:

  • Your name
  • Your photograph
  • Inspiration from your Higher Self, Guides, Angels & Power Animals
  • Your requested colors
  • Anything else you would like to tell me about yourself

I will do a brief intuitive reading of your energy and allow it to inspire your uplifting soul image to emerge on canvas, as prompted by your guides and angels. Your painting will be totally unique to you. I will also share any messages I receive from your Higher Self, guides, and angels.


soul portrait - copyright Bernadette WulfYou will receive your own personal oil painting on 12″ x 16″ canvas, shipped to you rolled in a tube and ready for framing in a standard size frame.

The image may or may not be of a human form, and it may or may not resemble your physical appearance. It will embody the essence of your soul energy in its highest vibration, to serve as a constant inspiration and reminder that you are a brilliant and wonderful gift to the world.

Order your Personal Soul Portrait Today!

Only 299.00! – Original Oil or Acrylic Painting on Canvas
Created Uniquely for You (Let me know if you have a preference for oil or acrylic)

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Visionary Artist Bernadette Wulf - photo by Ben AronoffBernadette Wulf
I love exploring the mystical realms of the spirit world where all of us have a beautiful soul presence. Painting is my favorite way to access those worlds and share what I see with others.

The Purpose of Art

Colors and forms have an energetic vibration that will shift your consciousness to a higher dimension of light and love. This was the original purpose of art. Our ancestors used drawings to capture the essence of their dreams and bring them into physical reality. We can do the same.

What will your soul portrait reveal?
To some it may seem that artists are ahead of their times, but in truth, artists are creating the reality of the future with their concentrated focus on a particular subject. Art infiltrates the consciousness of each generation with a unique blueprint and inspires awakening of new perceptions.

When you surround yourself with uplifting art, your consciousness is imbued with positive focus that will in turn attract more and more beauty, wisdom, and joy into your life.

You don’t have to be an art collector to enjoy the benefits of bringing art into your life. Play with colors and forms. Notice how they affect the way you feel. Surround yourself with images, colors, and forms that make you feel your very best. Allow yourself to be uplifted and healed by all the beauty of life.

E-mail: Bernadette Wulf  –  or phone 707-824-0675

Originals and Limited Editions available by special order.

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