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Art Lessons for Adults and Kids with Bernadette Wulf – Graton, California (Just North of Sebastopol)

Art Lessons for artists who want to focus on freedom of expression and the joy of creativity!

It doesn’t matter whether you think you can draw or paint. I know you can! Your inner critic is the only thing standing in your way. Let’s work together to silence that inner critic, so you can explore your free and natural artistic expression. Every child can do it. So can you!

You were born to be creative in some way. Maybe you were not meant to be a professional artist, but drawing and painting can be a path of discovery to enhance any area of creativity. That’s why so many writers and musicians are also painters. Once the creative part of your brain comes alive, it can express itself in many different ways.

I love sharing the artistic process with other artists, whether experienced or just starting out. I offer Private Art Lessons for adults and kids. We start with the basics of drawing and then move to painting and/or sculpture, depending on what you want to learn – 40.00/hour

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I will also be offering group art classes in the near future. Check back to find out when.

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